Top 10 Best Kilimanjaro Views

Top 10 Best Kilimanjaro Views

Top 10 Best Kilimanjaro Views

Ever dreamt of that perfect Kilimanjaro views on your photos? Picture this: You, surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of the savannah, with majestic Mount Kilimanjaro gracing the horizon – it’s not just a dream, it’s reality.

Ascending Mount Kilimanjaro unveils a journey through five diverse ecological zones, each boasting its own unique scenic charm.

Ready to capture a lifetime of unforgettable moments?

Discover the ultimate spots to snap the most awe-inspiring photos on your ascent to the Roof of Africa.


Embarking on the Western Approach and Grand Traverse treks, you’ll ascend above the forest canopy for the first time. Pause to immerse yourself in the expansive sky, painted with rolling clouds. When the veil lifts, behold the distant snowy crown of Kibo.

During clear nights, witness the mesmerizing sunset behind Shira Peak, followed by a blanket of stars unveiling the vastness of the cosmos. Here, uninterrupted vistas of Uhuru Peak await.

For climbers venturing along the Shira Route and Lemosho Route, the Shira Plateau offers the inaugural glimpse of Mount Kilimanjaro’s majestic presence.


Lava Tower offers an exhilarating Kilimanjaro hike, rewarding climbers with stunning panoramic views from its summit. Rising 300 feet tall, its distinctive formation serves as a prominent landmark along the trail.

The allure of Lava Tower’s picturesque vistas once tempted tourists to scramble to its peak, seeking to indulge in its breathtaking panoramas. However, due to safety concerns, park authorities have since prohibited this practice.


The Barranco Wall stands as a colossal and awe-inspiring structure, soaring 257 meters above the valley floor. Its sheer cliffs can instill a sense of apprehension in many. Yet, despite its imposing appearance, navigating this rock face is far more manageable and secure than one might anticipate.

Against the canvas of the azure sky and drifting clouds, the Barranco Wall presents a captivating spectacle, offering climbers a visual feast for the senses.


Between the towering peaks of Kibo and Mawenzi stretches an expanse of desolate beauty known as ‘The Saddle.’ This barren plateau, spanning five miles, forms a link between Kilimanjaro’s highest summit and its neighboring peak, Mawenzi. The primary ascent route, often referred to as the Coca Cola route, is visible along the mountain’s left flank.

From this vantage point, breathtaking vistas unfold in every direction. To the east, the rugged silhouette of Mount Mawenzi captivates the eye, while to the west, the majestic presence of Kibo dominates the horizon, offering equally stunning panoramas.


Mawenzi, the second-highest peak of Mount Kilimanjaro, rises proudly to a height of 5,149 meters. Characterized by its steep terrain and strewn with loose rocks, Mawenzi’s distinctive silhouette boasts a rugged and jagged crown, lending it a unique and imposing presence.

Perched atop this formidable peak, adventurers are treated to awe-inspiring vistas of sunrise and sunset, casting a mesmerizing glow across the mountain’s rugged contours.


Revered as a scene straight from the pages of a romantic novel, the Great Barranco Valley enchants all who behold its surreal beauty. Here, amidst this captivating landscape, thrives the otherworldly giant groundsel plant, found nowhere else on Earth.

The valley’s allure extends beyond its botanical wonders, boasting a tapestry of unique flora, crystalline waterfalls, and awe-inspiring vistas of glaciers glistening overhead. Ascending its towering walls demands both determination and skill, yet rewards climbers with panoramic views that seem to touch the heavens themselves.

Upon conquering the summit of the Barranco Wall, a majestic panorama unfolds, painting the sky in hues of blue and white, a fitting finale to this extraordinary journey.


For centuries, the Southern Ice Field’s glaciers have adorned Africa’s highest peak, casting a timeless allure over Mount Kilimanjaro. However, their once-steady presence is now under threat, dwindling at an alarming rate in recent years.

Regardless of the route chosen for ascending Mount Kilimanjaro, adventurers are treated to grand vistas of the Southern Ice Field. As climbers ascend closer to the summit, these views grow ever more awe-inspiring, capturing the majesty of nature’s frozen splendor.

Before beginning the descent, seize the opportunity to capture these beautiful ice structures in photographs. With the uncertain future facing these glaciers, each snapshot becomes a precious memento of a vanishing marvel.


If you find yourself with the chance to detour to Crater Camp, seize it without hesitation! Here, towering blue glaciers command attention against the ash and lava-strewn floor of the crater.

Those who choose to stay at Crater Camp are treated to a rare opportunity to venture amidst one of Kilimanjaro’s dwindling glaciers, the Furtwangler Glacier.

Described as a surreal blend of lunar and arctic landscapes, Crater Camp offers a terrain unlike any other on Earth, captivating the senses with its otherworldly beauty.


Uhuru Peak stands proudly as the pinnacle of Mount Kilimanjaro, soaring to a majestic height of 5,895 meters above sea level. While the summit sign may not be the most extravagant, its appearance signals that the ultimate goal is within reach!

As you reach the culmination of your Kilimanjaro hike, pause to soak in the breathtaking beauty that surrounds you. From Uhuru Peak, the world unfolds in a panorama of dazzling splendor, offering a moment of awe-inspiring reflection and accomplishment.


Barafu Camp boasts a landscape that’s nothing short of picturesque. Rise early, and you’ll be treated to a breathtaking sunrise casting its golden hues over the rugged silhouette of Mawenzi Peak.

From this vantage point, a majestic vista unfolds, offering a moon-like panorama that stretches toward the coveted Uhuru Peak. It’s here that your Kilimanjaro success rate skyrockets, fueled by the awe-inspiring beauty that surrounds you.

Embarking on the challenge of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is not just an adventure—it’s a transformative journey that promises a lifetime of unforgettable memories. And what better inspiration than the stunning beauty of your surroundings?

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